Oil-free lubricants - New thinking

The requirements in metal cutting and chipless machining are growing steadily. Clear that the lubricant must keep up with this.

Our innovative oil-free lubricants are based on readily biodegradable polymers made from renewable raw materials. They show excellent lubrication, are very good on the skin, ensure clean indoor air and a non-slip machine environment.

They open up a wide variety of applications in lubrication technology and offer significant advantages in the manufacturing process:

Welding, soldering and lasing - without washing


Of course, our oil-free lubricants comply with the latest REACh guidelines and are for the mostly free of labeling.


  Cleaning unnecessary or greatly reduced

  Laser, solderable and weldable without washing

  Significant increase in tool life

  Clean machines and working environment

  Compatible with KTL processes acc. VDA 230-213

  Very high lubricity

  High corrosion protection

  Biocide and fungicide free

  Physiologically harmless, skin-neutral

  Rapidly biodegradable

  Lowest water hazard class

  Chlorine, silicone, teflon, nitrite, oil and aromatic free

Technical support

We develop products specifically to your requirements and application parameters.

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Oil-free special lubricants


Oil-free synthetic and water-miscible coolant for chip-creating metal working.

Aluminium and Steel

Technische Daten

Appearance: Yellow

Viskosity (@20°C): appr. 180 mm²/s

Density (20°C): 1,001 kg/L

PH-value: appr. 9,8