Oil-free lubricants - fit for future

Process reliable and sustainable

With regard to legislation (REACh), official requirements, sustainability and the technical criteria to be met in cutting and non-cutting metalworking, the requirements are constantly increasing. It goes without saying that the lubricant also has to keep up.

Our innovative oil-free lubricants are based on easily biodegradable polymers made from regenerative raw materials. They have an excellent lubricating effect, are very physiological and skin-friendly and ensure clean hall air and a non-slip machine environment.

They open up a wide variety of applications in lubrication technology and offer significant advantages in the manufacturing process:

Of course, our oil-free lubricants comply with the latest REACh guidelines and most of them do not require labeling.


   Cleaning not necessary or greatly reduced

  Laser, solderable and weldable without washing

  Significant increase in tool life

  Clean machines and work environment

  Compatible with KTL processes according to VDA 230-213

  Very high lubricity

   Advanced corrosion protection

   Free of biozide and fungizides

  Physiologically harmless, skin neutral

  Biological degradable

  Lowest water hazardous class

  Free of chlorines, slicates, teflon, nitrates, oil and aromates

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Technical Support

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